Bankruptcy- Make a Fresh Start from there to Build your Credit Record!


It becomes inevitable for some to file for bankruptcy in spite of sincere efforts to avoid it. The credit ratings get affected due to the filing of bankruptcy and bad credit poses a problem in financial crisis as it is not easy to raise no credit check loans. Besides, the credit record of a person is important wherever he goes. It is essential to rent a house, to purchase a car, or a credit card, to get employment and what not. However, there is no need to worry much as it is possible to rebuild the credit even after filing bankruptcy, by taking appropriate measures.

You first need to open a checking account and a savings account at one of the local banks or at a credit union whichever is convenient for you. However, you need to compare the interest rates and service charges of the financial organizations that are located near your residence. The customer support is also important to make a choice. After starting a savings account and have some funds secured, you can opt for a secured credit card. A secured card is similar to the debit card as funds could be debited only after you have secured the payment beforehand to the bank. And the report of your payments must be sent to the three credit bureaus and this will lead to an improvement in your credit ratings. With a credit card, you can submit an application for a gas credit card or a retail credit card. Ensure that all the transactions reach the three credit bureaus which will have impact on your credit ratings.

Due to your bad credit record, the three credit bureaus will keep observing you till your credit history is enhanced. Your ability to repay is the great concern for the credit bureaus. So, you make it a point to be prompt in your payments. You can review your credit record by requesting reports from each of the credit bureaus, every year. This will help you understand what your credit status at present is, and what you want yours to be in a year or two from now. A wise management of your expenses and payment will help you get into neat financial habits and get you out of the bad financial strategies that led you to file for bankruptcy.

If you find errors or incorrect information on your credit record, you can get them rectified. Planning a good budget will be very helpful to curtail unwanted expenses. You must be able to distinguish between essential needs and wants. You should restrict your expenses to indispensable purchases and be prompt in your payments so that your credit report is enhanced. Securing a good amount in savings and building the limit on secured credit card will help you when you need urgent funds, and you can keep away from bad credit loans.

Instead of brooding over your financial mistakes and bad credit, you can take the lesson from your mistakes and mend your way of life and do the best you can to live a contented life and secure a comfortable financial future.

Bankruptcy- Make a Fresh Start from there to Build your Credit Record!

Financial reports: how to make them easier

Financial report
Financial report

When it comes to making financial reports, many businesses can go into a period of brief chaos. Not only can they be extremely complex and difficult to put together, but in doing so a great deal of your company’s time and energy can be wasted on correcting mistakes and making sure everything is in order.

But they needn’t be a chore. Just like anything, making a financial report does have several very important keys to make the process extremely easy. Below are just a few.

Keep financial report periods shorter

All financial reports are usually presented either quarterly or annually. Both have very definite benefits and drawbacks. Presenting reports annually can lead to a much clearer overall picture of your company’s present state, but this can take a lot longer to put together. Making quarterly reports, however, can be much easier with less information to have to collate. Quarterly reports are a good solid place to start.

Use in conjunction with financial management software

Using financial management software such as Sage One will help you collate all your information and makes for an easy reporting tool when it comes to tracking, logging and collating all of the company’s business information, incomings, outgoings and overheads.

Attempting to do this freestyle can lead to erroneous calculations that could be potentially serious for a company, especially as financial reports are often for the use of official bodies. Financial software will also let you log all of your businesses transactions in real time and not leave anything out that could be of supreme importance.

Label everything clearly

When working with spreadsheets to collate the raw data before it is presented, it is absolutely essential that all of them are labelled correctly and thusly avoid anything being put into the wrong bracket accidentally. This is a very easy task to do before all the information is gathered up, but not doing so will quickly see the confusion mounting up under the weight of a month’s worth of business transactions.

Present them in simple yet elegant forms

When you deliver your reports, do so in a fashion that is simple and uncluttered. Simple pie charts and graphs are a very effective way of underpinning all of the heavy information contained within the report itself. It can also be a great way to present the information to employees regarding the company itself and areas which require a little rethinking to run smoother with lower overheads.

Triple check anything manually inputted

Information, which has been manually inputted, must be checked and double-checked and checked again. Human error is the main reason for miscalculation but can be easily avoided if careful.

Seek assistance

For those looking for further help you can even find guides available from the government. Their ‘Simpler Reporting for the Smallest Businesses’ is a great place to start and can be accessed online.

Financial reports: how to make them easier

Choosing the Right Office

Choosing the Right Office
Choosing the Right Office

If you own a business, and its employees comprise of more than just yourself, then chances are you’ve got an office. If you are setting up a business, then choosing the right office is essential. Remember, every office is unique. Choosing how your space is presented is actually quite an important tool in presenting your brand.


Of course, actual location is important. There’s no point in having an office way out in the sticks if the majority of your business requires meetings with clients. So you want something close to transportation links.


If you’ve gone and found the ideal location, then it’s all about the space initially. You might only want a small office initially. But you have to look at the long term game as well.

  • Do you want to expand?

  • Is the space going to accommodate growth?

  • Does it have the functionality you need, both now and in the future?

If you go too small, and clients constantly have to squeeze between the employees, then it doesn’t create a very positive image for your brand. But if you have a huge office and there are only three people working in it, then this can also be detrimental to your image. Clients might think there’s a problem with staffing levels.


This is a huge thing to consider. Your office layout will dictate how visitors and staff will perceive your business.  Having a cubicle-themed space might encourage productivity, but can also appear sterile and unimaginative.

Likewise, having an open plan office (which is fast becoming the norm) might make things much more friendly and personable, but can sometimes be distracting. Many offices will offset some disadvantages by providing elements such as rest rooms, breakout areas and games rooms.

The little things

A business needs computer and communication systems. This is a given. So ensuring that you, your employees and your clients are able to work effortlessly and safely is important.

Basically, the logistics of your office need to be considered at all times. There is no point creating the perfect office space if you cannot have the right amount of computers, adequate internet bandwidth or the electrical connections to power them all with.

There are many factors for a business to consider when choosing an office space. By planning ahead and taking into account everything, from where plants will go, to the computers you will use, then there is no reason why your office can’t be an impressive place to be each and every day.

Bio: Written on behalf of Handd, providing businesses with expert file transfer security solutions.

Choosing the Right Office