Wake Up From Your Credit Card Debt Nightmare

Credit card debt has become a major worry for many people. It is now very easy to get a credit card with the opportunity to be able to spend thousands on any item that takes our fancy, without thinking of the consequences. A lot of consumers have been dragged down into a debt nightmare.
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Are your credit card debts giving you nightmares? If yes read on and see if we can save you some money and help you sleep better at night. It is so easy to get yourself into debt, as all these credit card companies seem to be throwing these cards at us.

Learn to understand your statement if you’re paying more than 15% of your monthly salary to your credit card bill then now is the time to take some action. If you pay the minimum payment and the interest charge takes up a lot of your monthly payment, not much is actually coming of the balance. For example say you pay Ј100 a month now take a look at your statement and see how much actually goes on interest.

Avoid minimum payments…

The minimum payments are a nightmare they are costing you a fortune and will take years to pay of the debt. Credit card companies used to take 5% as a minimum payment of the total money owed, but now ask as little as 2% as people where finding it hard to pay back the 5%. This has in turn created a debt problem for many people.

Here are some ways to help you reduce your credit card debts! Try to stop using your credit card and if you cannot, monitor what you spend. Balance transfers are a good way to save you money, lookout for the ones that offer 0% interest free periods for 6-9 months; this will give you a bit of breathing space. Make sure you check the APR rate once the 0% interest free period is over and cut up the previous card, as you do not want to be tempted again and end up in more debt.

You can move your debt to a credit card with a lower APR…

There is nothing that says once the 0% interest free period is over that you must stick with this card, if you watch what you’re doing you could then change to another card that has the same offer on. Just be careful and make sure you have your dates correct, as you do not want to be getting charged for any late payments.

Once you feel that you have got yourself on an even keel the next step is to try and clear up your debt completely. The way we do this is to start with the credit card that has the highest APR rate, pay the most to this credit card and just pay the minimum payment to the rest of your cards, once this card is finished then go the next highest APR card and so on until all your credit cards are paid off.

Credit cards are a great thing and we all need them, but they must be on our terms and we must be able to pay them off, if possible at the end of every month. If we cannot, this is when the problems start as minimum payments only get you into more debt and will take years to pay off.


1) Try to stop using your credit card
2) 0% balance transfers can help you pay off your debt
3) Pay off the debt with the highest APR first

Once you have got the debt under control and at an amount that you feel is manageable, the next step is to try and curb the spending and clear the debt completely and get back on an even keel, then you can enjoy the spending freedom that a credit card brings you, but under your terms.

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