Choosing the Right Office

Choosing the Right Office
Choosing the Right Office

If you own a business, and its employees comprise of more than just yourself, then chances are you’ve got an office. If you are setting up a business, then choosing the right office is essential. Remember, every office is unique. Choosing how your space is presented is actually quite an important tool in presenting your brand.


Of course, actual location is important. There’s no point in having an office way out in the sticks if the majority of your business requires meetings with clients. So you want something close to transportation links.


If you’ve gone and found the ideal location, then it’s all about the space initially. You might only want a small office initially. But you have to look at the long term game as well.

  • Do you want to expand?

  • Is the space going to accommodate growth?

  • Does it have the functionality you need, both now and in the future?

If you go too small, and clients constantly have to squeeze between the employees, then it doesn’t create a very positive image for your brand. But if you have a huge office and there are only three people working in it, then this can also be detrimental to your image. Clients might think there’s a problem with staffing levels.


This is a huge thing to consider. Your office layout will dictate how visitors and staff will perceive your business.  Having a cubicle-themed space might encourage productivity, but can also appear sterile and unimaginative.

Likewise, having an open plan office (which is fast becoming the norm) might make things much more friendly and personable, but can sometimes be distracting. Many offices will offset some disadvantages by providing elements such as rest rooms, breakout areas and games rooms.

The little things

A business needs computer and communication systems. This is a given. So ensuring that you, your employees and your clients are able to work effortlessly and safely is important.

Basically, the logistics of your office need to be considered at all times. There is no point creating the perfect office space if you cannot have the right amount of computers, adequate internet bandwidth or the electrical connections to power them all with.

There are many factors for a business to consider when choosing an office space. By planning ahead and taking into account everything, from where plants will go, to the computers you will use, then there is no reason why your office can’t be an impressive place to be each and every day.

Bio: Written on behalf of Handd, providing businesses with expert file transfer security solutions.

Choosing the Right Office