What is Medical Billing Software and What are its Uses

Billing software
Billing software

Billing software is being increasingly used in various fields. It is also used by medical institutes like health care clinics and hospitals where the billing process becomes simpler and easier to manage. The fact that there are many patients that make payments, the billing process is basically a complex one. As such it cannot be carried out manually as it would be definitely a cumbersome process for the individual that has been entrusted with the responsibility. This has made the medical billing software gain greater importance over the years. Let us find out more about the software, how it is used and the different types of the same.

When we refer to billing, it does not necessarily include just calculating payments but it also includes making bills for insurance claims, track payments, and a general overview of the patient’s expenses incurred on the various medical facilities availed and the trends followed. Also you can obtain the cost of medicines used.

Medical Billing Software – How it works

There are different companies that design the software that is used for medical billing. They usually design a standard framework as International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. The framework that is designed basically revolves around various codes that imply a particular specification. For instance, a single code when entered will give details of the patient’s payment track record, if you enter another code, it will imply the kind of treatment the patient in undergoing and so forth.

However, these codes are made known only to the billing personnel present at the billing department and individuals other than those working in the billing division are usually not aware of these codes.

An essential aspect of this billing software is that it has to be updated on a regular basis. This is because as the software also helps in calculating insurance claims and the insurance carriers keep changing their policy codes from time to time, the software has to be compatible with the changed codes too.

Individuals are usually imparted training to handle the software efficiently. Since it is specially designed accounting software, it is usually expensive, especially the ones that have to be updated on a regular basis. Moreover, as compared to manual billing and maintenance, these electronic ones generate error free bills, which is crucial to the final payment made by the patients or the insurance companies.

Popular medical billing software programs

Although you will come across a number of billing software that are used by the health care professionals, given below are names of few of the same that are quite popular and widely used by health care providers. These are as follows-

  • Lytec
  • Medisoft
  • Eclipsys

There are yet other PIMS or Patient Information Management Solutions that are being used extensively in hospitals, private practice clinics, and pharmacies. The error free records obtained make these software programs so popular.

What is Medical Billing Software and What are its Uses